Time and Labor Management

Inaccurate time entries, whether intentional or not, can tie up time and resources—ultimately affecting your bottom line. With Hybrid Payroll Time and Labor Management, ensure accurate payroll and compliance while efficiently managing time, labor, and attendance across your entire workforce—even employees who are remote or on the go.

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Workforce Management Solutions

Employees are the heart and soul of a company, and what they expect from their employers is continually evolving. With Hybrid Payroll Workforce Management, accurately track and process time, attendance, and expenses for your entire workforce. Employees participate in their success with collaborative scheduling, expense submittals, and payroll integration.

Reduce Inefficiency & Errors

Easily create custom settings for notifications of approaching overtime pay, missed punches, or punches outside of geofenced areas to streamline time processing and eliminate costly payroll errors.

Enable Flexible Time Tracking

Handle multiple work environments—including physical and virtual time clocks—and track employee time entries across home offices, worksites, hybrid scenarios and more.

Ensure End-to-End Time Visibility

Collect and manage time tracking data across HR processes. Employees and managers collaborate on any device through the Adaptive Employee Experience.

Key Solution Features

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Approve time off requests. monitor attendance/punches, track paid time off, manage overtime and compensatory time, and receive notifications.

Eliminate time clock errors with geofencing—easily create map boundaries and limit employee punches to work locations within these boundaries.

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Choose from multiple physical or virtual clock options for time collection—all accessible through the Adaptive Employee Experience.

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