Learn and Grow

In the “new normal” of employment, one thing is certain—employees are looking for more value from their employers, with learning opportunities being at the top of their lists. Execute your organization’s online growth objectives with Hybrid Payroll Learn and Grow, an end-to-end learning management system for continuous career growth and feedback.

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Workforce Management Solutions

Employees are the heart and soul of a company, and what they expect from their employers is continually evolving. With Hybrid Payroll Workforce Management, accurately track and process time, attendance, and expenses for your entire workforce. Employees participate in their success with collaborative scheduling, expense submittals, and payroll integration.

Collaborate & Gain Productivity

Offer interactive courses that encourage employees to grow personally and professionally. Measure and guide individual and collective progress to systematically develop your employees and build meaningful connections.

Attract, Hire, and Retain Top Talent

Hiring is hard. Set your company apart by offering personal and professional wellness opportunities, customizing paths for career growth, and providing feedback on training attainment.

Educate to Ensure Compliance

Transform the way your employees learn while meeting regulatory requirements. Provide unique opportunities for adopting new skills and building on existing competencies.

Key Solution Features

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Enable access to a pre-built library of over 150 courses with learning paths on compliance, business skills, workplace safety, management and other key topics.

Leverage short videos, gamification, and intuitive navigation to provide an enjoyable and engaging employee experience—even upload custom or third-party content.

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Establish learning teams and assign coursework based on roles, tenure and other factors. Display badges and certificates to view course progression and completion.

Create personalized paths, quizzes, and certifications to meet your unique training objectives while publishing reports on learning and development across your organization.

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