Expense Management

With employment laws and expense regulations constantly evolving, employers need to ensure alignment with company budget goals and policies while gaining visibility into what funds are moving in and out of the business. With Hybrid Payroll Expense Management, automate processes, comply with regulations, and maximize employee participation in expense reporting without the need for additional software.

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Workforce Management Solutions

Employees are the heart and soul of a company, and what they expect from their employers is continually evolving. With Hybrid Payroll Workforce Management, accurately track and process time, attendance, and expenses for your entire workforce. Employees participate in their success with collaborative scheduling, expense submittals, and payroll integration.

Streamline Expense Reporting

Enable employees and managers to submit, oversee, and approve single expense entries—with trip and guest shortcuts that are accessible whether at their desks or on the road. Employees have full transparency into their expense status, pay history, and inputs into personal tax statements.

Leverage Configurable Processes

Track expenses by business purpose, department, and other drill-down categories—including information from Hybrid Payroll and your financial general ledger. Administrators have a consolidated view of approval workflows, analytic dashboards, and reports.

Ensure Compliance & Security

Benefiting from a single system of record, administrators gain control over all processes related to expense and tax reporting to maximize compliance. Automated alerts reduce potential security threats, fraud, and business liabilities.

Key Solution Features

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Boost employee satisfaction and make expense reporting part of a purposeful, collaborative relationship between HR and your workforce.

Allow employees and managers anytime, anywhere access to pending reports, errors, and status notifications to reduce time and effort in expense reimbursement.

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Enable single expense entry, whole report, and team expense auditing for managers—ensuring compliance with company and government guidelines.

Positively enforce policies with employees and allow them to participate in simpler, faster expense processing and reimbursement.

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