Giving and Volunteering

Hybrid Payroll Giving and Volunteering provides both employees and employers what they are asking for—alignment with charitable causes plus simple, seamless methods for managing giving programs, processing contributions, and reporting social responsibility. Now, even as a small employer, you can compete for top talent while fostering employee loyalty and retention.

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Employee Giving Solutions

Boost Productivity & Engagement

Give employees the ability to choose the charities they benefit with simple donation management tools that help them make a bigger impact—all while improving alignment with your corporate mission.

Attract Top Talent

Leverage a shift in talent recruitment as employees increasingly measure the success of businesses they connect with by advancement opportunities and positive impact on the world around them.

Leverage Tax Savings

Realize the tax savings of corporate giving while automating traditional processes for tracking donations, logging volunteer hours, managing IRS compliance, and communicating results.

Key Solution Features

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Manage end-to-end corporate giving and volunteering campaigns with automated processes from campaign launch through tax reporting.

Seamlessly process employee donations with Hybrid Payroll software integration while enabling employees to see the impact of corporate giving.

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Initiate employee spotlights, competitions, and other milestone activities to consistently communicate giving program goals and milestones.

Instantly connect to a network of over two million non-profit organizations and promote company-sponsored nonprofits and social causes.

Giving and Volunteering
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