Your Business Moves Fast, and You Need an HR System That Can Keep Up

Your HR team is working at 100 miles an hour, and still can’t find enough hours in the day to get it all done. It’s time to start really powering HR with more automated, integrated processes to deliver what the business needs and your employees demand.

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Capabilities for Mid-Sized Businesses

Eliminate Errors

Eliminate errors in essential tasks like payroll and reporting.

Enable Employees

Help employees to manage their own HR data through a simple, mobile-ready interface.

Automate Key Tasks

Automate key tasks to get them off your plate and keep them running smoothly.

Improve Onboarding

Find, attract, and onboard new employees quicker and more smoothly.

Enhance Employee Experience

Deliver the kind of employee experience with training and collaboration that was previously only available to enterprise businesses.

Track Detailed Metrics

Present detailed analytic and predictive modeling to reduce turnover, cost-to-hire, and other critical metrics, easily and quickly.

Why Choose Hybrid Payroll for Your Mid-Sized Business?

We’re here to help you manage every part of your business, with a platform that helps you be smarter, data-driven, and able to more easily recruit and retain the best.

Talent Acquisition

A simple way to find, recruit, and onboard new employees that delivers an exceptional experience for you and the employee.

HR & Payroll

Keep your payroll streamlined, simple, and help avoid expensive and frustrating errors.

Benefits Administration

Take the headache out of enrollment and administering those essential benefits through a wizard-based system to guide you as you work.

Workforce Management

Keeping on top of scheduling and labor management is simpler and quicker, whether that’s simply clocking in and out, or advanced geo-fenced reporting.

Talent Management

Stay engaged with your employees, through online training courses, easy-to-use collaboration and sharing tools, and even make it easy to connect to charities and non-profits in your area.

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Integrated HR Services for Maximum Experience

Even with an established HR team, you can’t do everything. Whether you need to offload some tasks to a partner, or import on-demand expertise, HR Augmentation and outsourcing offerings that can quickly solve your challenges, and help you get to the next level of employee experience.

From building an employee handbook to managing COBRA, we have the skills and experience to step in, when you need us, for as long as you need us. Fast.

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