Keep Your Focus on Your Firm and Your Clients with Simplified HR Processes

Managing and administering your workforce – whether it is your own, or your clients’ – is no easy task. Keeping up with compliance changes, tracking hours, running payroll, hiring staff are just some of the time-intensive activities that take away your focus from your business goals and clients.

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Capabilities for Professional and Business Services

Hybrid Payroll’s People Cloud makes it much simpler for companies like yours to manage your team’s time, scheduling work, and still deliver an outstanding employee experience to help retain your best employees. Our solutions deliver a superior management and employee experience for Professional and Business service providers

Features and Benefits

Automated Workflows

to deliver a more streamlined employee experience and better self-service options.

Simplified Reporting

that makes it easier to track and verify everything from tax to retirement.

Performance-Ready Mobile App

to give your staff easy access and self-service control.

Integrated and Extensive Learning

with a huge array on courses available based to help your staff stay on top of their game.

Attendance Management

with workforce scheduling and reporting to make staying on top of your employee’s time simple and easy.

Powerful, Integrated Application Tracking and Onboarding

to make finding, hiring, and retaining the best, easier.

Why Choose Hybrid Payroll for Professional Services?

Maximize Employment Tax Credits

Many federal and state employment tax credits are available to businesses, yet millions of dollars go unclaimed every year. Identifying and recouping these credits can be complex, even for accountants.

Ensure Staff Keep Up Continuing Education

Transform the way your staff learns while meeting licensure education requirements. Upload your own content or third-party course content to create your own learning paths.

Attract Top Talent

Hiring is hard. From writing job descriptions to sending the offer letter, the candidate’s experience is vital to building your employer brand and attracting qualified candidates in this competitive market.

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