Track Hours, Manage Schedules, and Ensure Compliance

For operators of construction and engineering firms, the labor shortages you have recently experienced are bound to continue. Your HR team faces an uphill battle in recruiting desirable and qualified top talent amid a shortage of mid-career candidates, higher turnover among millennials, and a booming skills gap.

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Delivering a Superior Management and Employee Experience for Construction and Engineering Businesses

Hybrid Payroll makes it easier for Construction and Engineering companies to manage the complexities of your business deliver an outstanding employee experience and simplify reporting and compliance.

Performance-Ready Mobile App

to give your staff easy access and self-service control.

Powerful, Integrated Application Tracking and Onboarding

to make finding, hiring, and retaining the best, easier.

Easy Punch In and Out

along with punch rules, to make time management in your business even easier.

Full, Automated Real-Time ACA Reporting

and dashboards to review status and activity.

Comprehensive OSHA

tracking, management and fully formatted reporting, with roles-based access.

Attendance Management

with workforce scheduling and reporting.

Powerful Scheduling

to make it easier to manage shifts, and schedule based on your rapidly changing business needs.

Additional Shift Management

for on call shifts and automated rules to manage shift differentials.

Automated Workflows

to deliver a more streamlined employee experience.

Why Choose Hybrid Payroll for Construction and Engineering?

Attract Top Talent

Hiring is hard. From writing job descriptions to sending the offer letter, the candidate’s experience is vital to building your employer brand and attracting qualified candidates in this competitive market.

Ensure Compliance & Continuing Education

Transform the way your staff learns while meeting licensure education requirements. Provide custom opportunities for learning new skills and building on existing ones.

Gain Insights into Time & Labor Management

Simplify scheduling and time tracking, manage comp time and punches, gain visibility through a single data source, and close payroll with ease.

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