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Recognizing employees beyond the context of work serves as a valuable post-pandemic opportunity—one that can boost employee engagement and customer experience. With Hybrid Payroll Share and Perform, enable multi-directional employee communication that drives toward a transformative company culture. Built-in employee recognition and performance management tools allow both employees and managers to engage in maximum business success.

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Employee Performance Solutions

Increase Collaboration and Productivity

Offer interactive courses that encourage employees to grow personally and professionally. Measure and guide individual and collective progress to systematically develop your employees and build meaningful connections.

Reward and Recognize Performance

Enable employees to score points on a leaderboard through gamification, nominate colleagues for awards, and remain engaged in opportunities to win prizes based on performance and teamwork.

Leverage Employee Data and Insights

Encourage employees to participate in communication feeds to stay aligned with colleagues and projects. Leverage pulse surveys to poll your workforce and learn what specific groups are thinking about a particular situation or project.

Key Solution Features

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Initiate reward and recognition programs that allow team members to rack up points when they collaborate, share, and innovate. Posting walls and feedback surveys enable employee alignment across functions and locations.

Establish goal setting paths and 360 reviews for continuous participation in tracking progress and performance feedback. Employees, peers, and managers all collaborate for maximum performance.

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Enable interactive organizational charts and team affiliations to help employees understand your company’s unique management structure, mission, values, and performance metrics.

Set up personalized employee dashboards for managing key connections, communications, and projects. Team members realize how their individual efforts contribute to organizational excellence.

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