Simplify Payroll Tasks with a software built with you in mind.

Manage your payroll processes, empower employees with self-service (ESS) features, and improve paycheck accuracy with automated solutions that bring payroll in-house while outsourcing tasks such as payroll tax filing and garnishments if you choose. Reduce processing time with paperless payroll, help ensure payroll compliance to minimize risk, and help create the perfect paycheck with instant access to reports and real-time data.



Manage payroll with ease

As part of the Hybrid Payroll suite, HybridPay integrates with HybridHR and HybridTime to give you a fully automated payroll solution, from collecting employees’ time data and applying pay policies to calculating payroll and printing checks.

Tax Management

HybridPay’s tax filing services alleviate your complicated tax management functions by managing U.S. taxes involving federal, state, local and multi-jurisdictional filing, international payroll taxes and garnishment service processing for child support, 401(k), workers’ compensation and other charitables.

Facilitate compliance

Easily create standard annual reporting forms, such as Forms 1099-R, 1099-MISC, 1096, 940, 945, and more. Quarterly legislative updates help ensure every payroll process is completed correctly.

Custom Checklists

Use separately or with a specific template(s) to keep track of all critical steps both inside and outside the system to ensure none are missed along the way.

Multiple Payment Options

HybridPay software permits multiple payment options, including direct deposit and pay card, for a more inexpensive but timely, efficient process.

Customizable Reporting

Hybrid Pay’s Report Builder provides more than 200 templates for custom reporting with export capabilities.

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